Stitchwort’s out in frock of white,1
Celadine the chrysolite ;2
On the bank the primrose springs,3
And with larks the welkin rings !4
April’s in the sunny lane :—5
Bless her ! she is come again,6
Hanging, on the spiky thorn,7
Lamps to light the early morn.8
Life, and Love, are on the hills ;9
Cowslips wear their spotted frills ;10
Meadow-maids their mottled studs ;11
Daisies nod to yarrow buds ;12
Campions with crimson flush ;13
Violets begin to blush ;14
Speedwell opens too her eye ;15
And the kingcup wooes the sky.16
Here in dainty azure see,17
As in merry mockery18
Of the soft cerulean dome,19
Blue-eyed hyacinth at home ;20
Mark the herbage of the dells21
Purpled with his faery bells22
Bells, which peal sweet notes of joy,23
Heard by every truant boy.24
Listen to the chattering pie,—25
And the babbling jay’s reply !26
While the thrush repeats his song,27
And the blackbird tunes his tongue.28
Hear the chiff-chaff, finch, and wren,29
Gossiping in yonder glen,30
Heedless of the cuckoo’s lay,31
Woods all green, O come away.”32
Now all lovely things combine33
To create a sense divine :34
Young grass sweetens much the sight ;35
Music gives the ear delight ;36
Flowers make sweeter too the touch ;37
And of-taste—say who o’ermuch38
Beauty’s honeyed lips can praise !39
All those sweets bring sweet spring days.40