Hymn of the Present.

Not only in old days He bowed1
The heavens and came down ;2
We, too, were shadowed by the cloud,3
And saw the glory shown !4
The nations that seemed dead have felt5
His coming through them thrill :6
Beneath His tread the mountains melt :7
Our God is living still !8
He who in secret hears the sigh,9
Interprets every tear,10
Hath lightened on us from on high,11
Made known His presence near !12
The Word takes flesh, the Spirit form,13
His purpose to fulfil ;14
He comes in person of the storm15
Our God who governs still !16
We saw—all of us saw—how He17
Drew sword and struck the blow,18
And up and free through their Red Sea19
He let the captives go :20
Yea, we have seen Him, clearly seen21
Him work the miracle :22
We know, whate’er may intervene,23
Our God is with us still !24
The veil of time a moment falls25
From off the Eternal’s face :26
Recede the old horizon walls27
To give fresh breathing-space :28
And all who lift their eyes may learn29
It is our Father’s will,30
This world to Him shall freely turn,31
A world of freedom still !32