Holly and Mistletoe.

Holly and mistletoe,1
Coral and pearl,2
Set in rich emerald,3
Bought for my girl4
Bought for my pretty one.5
Oh ! how her eyes,6
Joyous with sparkles,7
Will flash with surprise !8
Holly and mistletoe !9
What—do I dream ?10
Where are her little orbs11
Lit with love’s gleam ?12
Where are the tiny feet13
Dancing around ?14
Bright eyes and nimble feet !15
Where ?— underground.16
Holly and mistletoe,17
Visions divine,18
Tender and beautiful,19
Come where ye shine !20
Visions of little lips21
Sweeter than sweet ;22
Safe from the snow-storm now,23
Safe from the sleet.24
Holly and mistletoe,25
Coral and pearl,26
Red for the rosy cheeks27
Worn by my girl ;28
White for the fairest face29
Nature e’er drew ;30
Green for the memory31
Love keepeth new.32
Holly and mistletoe33
Crowning her name,34
Welcome, for her sweet sake,35
Welcome each game36
Truckle the trencher round,”37
Kiss in the ring,”38
Apple and candle,” “ Buff,”39
Courtier and king.”40
Holly and mistletoe !41
Yes, I am blest,42
Merry-mass comes, and lo !43
I am possessed :44
Up goes the kissing-bush,45
Down cometh she,46
Singing “ Sweet merry-mass,”47
Ever to me.48
Holly and mistletoe,49
Tears must be shed ;50
Ye have your living ones,51
I have my dead ;52
Yours is a present joy,53
Mine is a past ;54
Clear is your sky of life,55
Mine overcast.56
Holly and mistletoe,57
Long may it be,58
Friends, ere my loneliness59
Ever you see ;60
But if that time shall come,61
Then you will know62
More of my text than my63
Sermon can show.64