The Mother and the Angel

Figure descriptions
Illustration is divided into two sections. In the top section, an angel kneels and embraces a woman, who gestures with her hands toward the bottom section of the illustration. Light emits from the angel’s head in a halo. Cherubs surround the angel and the woman on both sides. Many of the cherubs play musical instruments such as the triangle, the horn, and the harp. Three cherubs with floral crowns gather below and adjacent to the central figures. These three cherubs look downward and gesture toward the bottom section of the illustration. A band of white light separates the two sections. In the bottom section, a haloed angel leans over a canopy bed and picks up a small boy. The boy looks up and embraces her. His toys lie beside the bed. Both angels wear floral crowns. 3/4-page illustration contained within a single-ruled border. The border extends in a semi-circle along the top edge to accommodate the first angel’s halo.