A Sonnet

Figure descriptions
A woman in ornate classical dress stands in the foreground. She hunches slightly, and looks over her shoulder at a knight in the background. The woman touches her breast with her left hand and holds onto a large draping cloth with her right hand. She wears a veil, a crown, and a cape decorated with a flower and a crescent moon. The knight in the background is depicted from the hips up and appears as a vision inside of a crystal ball. The knight is dressed in full armour and a flowing cape. The visor of his helmet is pulled up to his forehead, exposing his face. He holds a sword in front of his hip. Wisps of smoke encircle the knight. A nude, blindfolded cherub sits at the base of the crystal ball. The cherub turns toward the woman. He holds his bow in the air and his quiver is slung over his back. The stand on which the crystal ball sits is decorated with vegetals, dragons, and various symbols. There is a large book on the floor. Full page.