Two arched stained glass windows. Each window shows an angel, and the angels are identified with text underneath them. The one on the left is Archangel Uriel; Uriel is holding a staff in his right hand and a book in his left hand. The one on the right is Archangel Michael; Michael is holding a banner, sword, and shield. Both angels’ wings wrap up and behind them, crossing above their heads. Full-page illustration.

A Song.

Oh ! for a day of Spring,1
A day of mirth and folly,2
Of birds that pipe and sing3
And childhood’s melancholy.4
I would not grudge the laughter,5
The tears that followed after.6
Oh ! for a day of youth,7
A day of strength and passion,8
Of words that told the truth9
And deeds the truth would fashion.10
I would not leave untasted11
One courage while it lasted.12
Oh ! for a day of days,13
A day with you and pleasure,14
Of love in all its ways15
And life in all its measure.16
Win me that day from sorrow17
And let me die to-morrow.18