In Silence.

Ah ! Lesbia, by that name at last1
Love calls you, for Catullus’ sake !2
The million kisses of the past3
Are pledge of millions yet, to slake4
His thirst unquenchable, who lies5
Beside the quenchless depth of those dear eyes.6
Lie closer, Girl ! how silent, dark,7
Is this withdrawn abode of love !8
Some far-off murmurings only mark,9
Where restless human beings move10
Along the gas-lit, midnight, street :11
Oh ! what delicious silence, darkness, Sweet !12
Even our love, that scarce might find13
One short, fierce, rapturous, hour ago,14
Words wild enough to speak its mind ;15
Light clear enough our joys to show :16
Even Love’s self has sunk to rest,17
As a tired child, twixt close-drawn breast and breast.18
Over his head our lips may meet,19
Yet soundless is the kiss they frame :20
And, as our souls in union greet21
His presence, still they breathe no name :22
In the deep heart of heaven, where wells23
God’s central spring, ’tis Silence only dwells.24