All Things in the World Must

Would’st thou have it always Spring,1
Though she cometh flower-laden ?2
Though sweet-throated birds do sing ?3
Thou would’st weary of it, Maiden.4
Dost thou never feel desire5
That thy womanhood were nearer ?6
Doth thy loving heart ne’er tire,7
Longing yet for something dearer ?8
Would’st have Summer ever stay9
Droughty Summer—bright and burning ?10
Dost thou not, oft in the day,11
Long for still, cool, night’s returning ?12
Dost thou not grow weary, Youth,13
Of thy pleasures, vain though pleasant14
Thinking Life has more of Truth15
Than the satiating present ?16
Would’st have Autumn never go ?17
(Autumn, Winter’s wealthy neighbour),18
Stacks would rise, and wine-press flow19
Vainly, did’st thou always labour.20
When thy child is on thy knee21
And thy heart with love’s o’erflowing,22
Dost thou never long to see23
What is in the future’s showing ?24
When old Winter, cold and hoar,25
Cometh, blowing his ten fingers,26
Hanging ice-drops on the door27
Whilst he at the threshold lingers,28
Would’st thou ever vigil keep29
With a mate so full of sorrow ?30
Better to thy bed and sleep,31
Nor wake till th’ Eternal morrow !32