Written on the Terrace of Richmond Castle,

It is remarkable, that although the surrounding walls and towers of
Richmond Castle have long been decaying, the Keep or Donjon,
which was erected at the same time, still remains in a state of high
Richmond !  their rage a thousand years have spent1
On thee, and wasted thy wide-circling wall,2
Thy once bold barbican and princely hall ;3
But stormy blast nor hostile arm hath rent4
Thy stately Keep ;—there every battlement5
And buttress stand, as when the conq’ror’s call6
Thy warlike host awoke, and frown o’er all7
The scene where Swale her beauties wild hath blent !8
Majestic pile ! this moral teach my heart9
Though friends, like thy embattled walls, decay,10
And cherish’d passions, like thy lords, depart,11
To never stoop my head to fortune’s sway,12
Tranquil to scorn detraction’s venom’d dart,13
And still, like thee, unbending meet the changeful day !14