The Mosque of St. Sophia.

Sophia’s day-bright domes have proudly gleamed 1
Upon my startled sight—a temple fair !—2
Religion, like the sun-struck Persian there,3
Seems as a lover of the light !— ne’er streamed 4
A richer ray than that which then full beamed 5
O’er the great Mosque’s brave roofs—one golden glare !6
They seemed a pomp of regal state to wear.7
Part of that very sun himself they seemed !—8
Yet when those glittering splendours shrank from sight 9
In evening’s shadows—and the Muezzin’s call 10
Rose from her minarets, with mysterious might,11
At once my spirit owned a heavenlier thrall,12
Till my sense shuddered, picturing her more bright !—13
More than the Sun—the Soul, can bless and brighten all!14