A woman leans over a low balcony towards a man. The two figures hold hands and their faces almost touch. The man gestures with his right hand and has his pointer finger raised. A saddled horse waits in the background by a forested area. The building features an engraving of two men with swords; one man is riding a horse and the other is walking alongside it. Full-page illustration.

Parting Words.

When I am far from hence, and thou alone1
In woods and meadows we have wandered through,2
Seek not the spots we loved, like some that strew3
The faded body when its life is flown.4
Oh, better far in Fancy’s realms to own5
An Eden still undimmed, than, waking, view6
The change that turns the scene to harsh and new.7
Seek not that valley, love! when I am gone ;8
For there, though softer grass no foot may tread,9
Or greener shade to rest at noon invite,10
Once other echoes shared thy whisper light.11
’Twas not the harebell bank sustained thy head,12
Nor can its brightest sun that stream make bright,13
When that which gave to all a dearer charm is fled !14