The Fisherman’s Home

Figure descriptions
Three women, an old man, and a young girl gather around a table in a small domestic space. They appear to be saying grace before their meal. The man sits at the table with his hands folded on the surface, and looks up to the sky. A bowl of steaming food sits in front of him. The woman standing behind him bows her head, closes her eyes, and clasps her hands in prayer. A second woman sits in front of the man and holds a jug; she rests her arm on the table, closes her eyes, and bows her head. A young girl grabs this woman’s arm and looks at her while holding a piece of bread. A third woman sits in a chair at the right side of the illustration. She closes her eyes and holds a rosary to her heart with her right hand. A spool of yarn lies on the ground in front of her and she holds a knitting needle in her left hand. Artwork hangs on haphazard angles on the wall behind the figures. There are domestic objects including baskets, bottles, and dishes scattered throughout the room. Full-page illustration that is curved along the top edges.