Upon her face were lines of pain and doubt ;1
Love came instead of death, and swept them out.2
Within her breast raged tempest strong and wild,3
Stilled into calm when Love said, “ Peace, My child.”4
Her weary feet by Love were meetly shod5
With sandals of the Holiness of God.6
Her arms drooped nerveless, after their fierce strain ;7
Love lifted them, and they were strong again.8
Her ears were deafened with the ruthless cry9
Væ victis ! crashing up against the sky ;10
Sweeter than silence came Love’s voice divine,11
Thou shalt arise again, for thou art Mine.”12
Thrilled through the agony of awful fears,13
I will restore the locust-eaten years.”14
So in Love’s light her face transfigured shone,15
And she grew very fair to look upon.16
Oh vineyard, wasted once of beasts of prey,17
Thou hast put forth thy glorious fruit to-day !18
Oh jewel flung ’neath trampling feet of swine,19
Love’s hand has set thee in the crown Divine.20
Maker, Redeemer, Sanctifier, Thou21
Hast signed Thy sign upon her breast and brow ;22
And every power superb, and each bright grace23
Flames in the perfect lustre of Thy Face.24