Stanzas on Shelley.

Oh, not like ours that life was born,1
No mortal mother Shelley knew,2
But kindled by some starry morn3
Lit like a snow-flake from the blue ;4
Saw on some peak the lightnings gleam,5
The lingering soft auroras play ;6
Then foamlike on a leaping stream7
Sped downwards to the earthly day.8
So keen a wish had winged his flight9
His heart was faint with such desire10
To bear from that supernal light11
A Promethèan fount of fire :12
His quivering thyrsus flashed with flame,13
He sang the spell long learnt above ;14
With ardent eyes one only name15
He named ; the mountains echoed “ Love !”16
But ah ! for men no healing wrought17
That spell, that spirit’s angel bloom :18
Close, close about him frowned and fought19
Their words of anger, looks of gloom :20
Gloomed overhead the iron reign21
Of stifling custom, hates that kill,22
From Earth’s dark places sighed in vain23
Her old immedicable ill.24
And yet methinks one soul might know25
The bliss unknown, the tale untold !26
One heart might melt in mine, and so27
For twain at least the age be gold !”28
He called ;— and ah ! what mortal maid29
Had heard unmoved that seraph tongue ?30
What Daphne lingered in her shade31
When that unstained Apollo sung ?32
But oft in vain shall love be given33
When mighty spirits mourn alone ;34
Too rarely, rarely falls from heaven35
A woman-heart to match their own :36
He saw his Vision smile in sleep,37
And close she seemed, and floated far ;38
Life-long across life’s darkling deep39
He chased that image of a star.40
Yet, with an Orphic whisper blent,41
A Spirit in the west-wind sighs ;42
Gaze from the conscious firmament43
Some God’s unfathomable eyes :44
He saw, he felt them : “ Thou be mine,45
As I am thine, thou primal whole !46
Ye elements, my life enshrine,47
Enfold, entomb me, soul in soul !”48
He called; they heard him; high in air49
The impetuous Winds came whirling free ;50
Dashed on his brow, swept through his hair51
Untamed caresses of the Sea ;52
The Fire up-leapt in ardent birth53
To her thin substance his to win ;54
That heart of hearts the dedal Harth,55
Her own unfolding, drew therein.56