The Divine Life.

“ Who lived amongst men.”
(In the original draft of the Nicene
Creed—from the Creed of the Church of Palestine.)
Where shall we find the Lord ?1
Where seek His face adored ?2
Is it apart from men,3
In deep sequestered den,4
By Jordan’s desert flood,5
Or mountain solitude,6
Or lonely mystic shrine,7
That Heaven reveals the Life Divine ?8
Where shall we trace the Lord ?9
’Twas at the festal board,10
Amidst the innocent mirth11
And hallowed joys of earth,12
Close neighbour, side by side,13
With bridegroom and with bride,14
Whilst flowed the cheering wine,15
That first appeared the Life Divine.16
What was the blest abode,17
Where dwelt the Son of God ?18
Beside the busy shore,19
Where thousands pressed the door,20
Where town with hamlet vied,21
Where eager traffic plied22
There with His calm design23
Was wrought and taught the Life Divine.24
What were the souls He sought ?25
What moved His inmost thought ?26
The friendless and the poor,27
The woes none else could cure,28
The grateful sinner’s cry,29
The heathen’s heavenward sigh30
Each in their lot and line31
Drew forth the Love and Life Divine.32
Where did He rest the while33
His most benignant smile ?34
The little children’s charms,35
That nestled in His arms,36
The flowers that round Him grew,37
The birds that o’er Him flew,38
Were nature’s sacred sign39
To breathe the spell of Life Divine.40
Where shall the Lord repose,41
When pressed by fears and foes ?42
Amidst the friends He loves,43
In Bethany’s dear groves,44
Or at the parting feast,45
Where yearning host and guest46
In converse sweet recline,47
Is closed in peace the Life Divine.48
O Thou who once didst come49
In holy happy home,50
Teaching and doing good,51
To bless our daily food ;52
Compassionating mind,53
That grasped all human kind,54
Even now amongst us shine,55
True glory of the Life Divine.56