Stanley, Arthur Penrhyn (M)

Surname: Stanley
Forename(s): Arthur Penrhyn
b. 13 December 1815. d. 18 July 1881. Nationality: English. VIAF.
Dean of Westminster, poet. Pseudonym: A. P. S. Son of Edward Stanley, Bishop of Norwich. Entered Rugby School in 1829 under headmaster Thomas Arnold. Educated at Balliol College, Oxford. Ordained as a priest in 1843. Travelled through Egypt and Jerusalem (1852-1853) and published his experience in Sinai and Palestine (1856). Appointed professor of ecclesiastical history at Oxford in 1856. Became Dean of Westminster in 1864, succeeding Richard Chenevix Trench. Proponent of religious tolerance. Married Lady Augusta Stanley, a lady in waiting to Queen Victoria, in January 1864. Biographical information: ODNB. (SCM)

Poems associated with this person

Total poems: 15
Poem title Date Periodical Roles id #
Hymn of the Ascension 1862-06 Macmillan’s Magazine Poet 13896
Dies Iræ 1868-12 Macmillan’s Magazine Translator 14332
Hymn on the Transfiguration 1870-04 Macmillan’s Magazine Poet 16094
The Traveller’s Hymn for All Saint’s Day, Being an Adaptation of Arndt’s Poem: “Was ist des Deutschen Vaterland?” 1872-11 Macmillan’s Magazine Poet 14441
Hymn for Advent 1872-12 Macmillan’s Magazine Poet 14442
Hymn for Whitsunday (June 1) 1873-06 Macmillan’s Magazine Translator 14495
Hymn on the Accession (June 20): For National Blessings. An Accommodation of Milton’s Version of the 136th Psalm 1873-06 Macmillan’s Magazine Poet 14496
“This Do in Remembrance of Me” 1874-11 Macmillan’s Magazine Poet 14519
The Untravelled Traveller. Lines written on the Recovery of Prince Leopold 1875-03 Macmillan’s Magazine Poet 14524
Our Future Hope: An Easter Hymn 1878-05 Macmillan’s Magazine Poet 14606
Manzoni’s Hymn for Whitsunday 1879-05 Macmillan’s Magazine Translator 14686
Hymn for St. John the Baptist’s Day, June 24th 1879-07 Macmillan’s Magazine Poet 14687
The Divine Life 1880-03 Macmillan’s Magazine Poet 14736
The Perfect Death 1880-03 Macmillan’s Magazine Poet 14737
Death and Life. In Memoriam July 18, 1881 1882-08 Macmillan’s Magazine Poet 14677