Knights and a king stand at the top of a stone staircase on the outside of a castle. They are in front of a wall and adjacent to a railing that overlooks a body of water (the sea). The king wears a crown and stands out from the knights. The king holds his arm out, hand open, over the side of the castle. An ornately decorated cup falls from his hand. Some of the knights carry swords and wear armour. One of the knight’s legs is wrapped in bandages, and another knight is wearing a helmet with dragon wings extending from it. 1/2-page illustration contained in a single-ruled rectangular border; the top two corners of the illustration are curved.

The King of Thule.

In Thule dwelt a king, and he1
Was leal unto the grave ;2
A cup to him of the red red gold3
His leman dying gave.4
He quaff’d it to the dregs, whene’er5
He drank among his peers,6
And ever, as he drain’d it down,7
His eyes would brim with tears.8
And when his end drew near, he told9
His kingdom’s cities up,10
Gave all his wealth unto his heir,11
But with it not the cup.12
He sat and feasted at the board,13
His knights around his knee,14
Within the palace of his sires,15
Hard by the roaring sea.16
Then up he rose that toper old,17
A long last breath he drew,18
And down the cup he loved so well19
Into the ocean threw.20
He saw it flash, then settle down,21
Far down into the sea,22
And as he gazed his eyes grew dim,23
Nor e’er again drank he.24