Master Olaf. (From the German.)

A knight with his arm resting on a horse. He is holding a shield. A second man is hunched over and is cleaning one of the horse’s hoofs. 1/2 page.
Master Olaf, the smith of Heligoland,1
At midnight layeth his hammer by ;2
Along the sea-shore the tempest howls,3
When a knock at the door comes heavily.4
Come out, come out, and shoe me my horse!5
I must yet far, and the day is at hand !”6
Master Olaf opens the door, and sees7
A stately Ritter before him stand.8
Black is his mail shirt, helm, and shield,9
A broad sword hangeth upon his thigh,10
His black horse tosses his mane so wild,11
And paws the ground impatiently.12
Whence so late !  Whither so fast ?”13
I yesterday lighted in Nordernie ;14
My steed is swift, the night is clear,15
Ere sunrise I must in Norway be.”16
Haddest thou wings, that might I believe.”17
My horse with the wind right well hath raced,18
Yet already a star pales here and there,19
So the iron bring hither, and make thou haste.”20
Master Olaf taketh the shoe in hand,21
It is too small, but it spread and spread :22
And as it grew to the edge of the hoof,23
There seized the master fear and dread.24
The Ritter mounts, and his broad sword clangs :25
Master Olaf, I bid thee now good night !26
Know, thou hast the horse of Odin shod ;27
I hasten across to the bloody fight.”28
The black horse shoots forward o’er land and sea,29
Round Odin’s head a splendour shone ;30
Twelve eagles are straining in flight behind,31
Swiftly they fly,—he rides foremost on.32