Lyrical Lines.

As I wandered beside the blue measureless tide,1
While the waters and winds were at play,2
A woman, forlorn, pale, weary, and worn,3
Arose like a ghost in my way.4
Her famine-wrung sigh, and her grief-dimmed eye,5
Were heavy with moan and tear,6
As I placed in her palm a drop of the balm7
Which the world holds so preciously dear :8
And this blessing she gave as she turn’d to the wave9
And gazed up to the azure dome,10
May your happiness be as deep as the sea,11
And your heart as light as the foam.”12
Few words they were ; but they seemed to bear13
A magic to cheer and to save :14
A beauty was flung by that sorrowful tongue15
Like a spring-flower reared on a grave.16
And Time, who estranges by chequers and changes,17
Kind thoughts that have wish’d us good will,18
Has left warmly imprest on my brain and my breast19
The words of that pale woman still.20
They held Music and Feeling, whose echo-tones stealing,21
Yet whisper where’er I may roam,22
May your happiness be as deep as the sea,23
And your heart as light as the foam.24