My Lady’s Farewell.

A woman leans over to embrace a knight atop a horse. A second woman holds her arm and pulls her back. The central woman wears a cross around her hips and the second woman wears a veil. Several armoured knights on horseback accompany the main knight. They hold lances, flags, and horns. The scene is enclosed in an arched frame. Full page width and 2/3 page height.
Go forth, go forth, my dearest ;1
The world is wild and wide,2
But ’tis not that thou fearest3
Not that can us divide.4
I bless the cross upon thy breast,5
I kiss thee—lip and brow :6
Go forth upon thy saintly quest,7
And keep thy knightly vow.8
Go forth, my bravest, boldest9
My own, my heart’s delight ;10
This tear that thou beholdest11
Stains not thy armour bright :12
The Christian armour, bright as strong,13
In which I made thee dress,14
The sword, to hew down mortal wrong,15
The breastplate, righteousness.16
Go forth, my best beloved !17
And trust in God’s dear grace,18
That, every foe removed,19
Thou’lt meet me, face to face ;20
But if He not that guerdon gives,21
Die, as a good knight dies ;22
I, living as a true maid lives,23
We’ll meet in Paradise.24