Lost Eros.

I know it fell in spring—in spring,1
Of old, my feet went wandering2
In a garden ground ;3
And in the sunniest spot of all,4
Beside a blossom’d orchard wall,5
A shady arbour found.6
I look’d within : the loveliest face7
Smiled ’mid the silence of the place,8
Of a golden boy.9
His eyes were wonderful to see ;10
His shoulders were as ivory ;11
His lips but little coy.12
He said, and smiled— his words were still13
And sweet— “ If you have but the will,14
Rest beside me, here.15
To clasp me close, and kiss these eyes16
Is as the bliss of Paradise.17
None listens: none is near.”18
I said, “ I know you, Love: I know19
The snares you weave for those who go20
Idlers in the land.”21
I cried, “ Away ! Love, bind not me !22
Turn’d, as a vessel holds to sea,23
When near a Siren strand.24
Now gleams his face in dreams : I pass25
Along the wither’d dewless grass,26
And in vain I sigh27
To find him, touch him, cling to him ;28
To kiss him, till my eyes grow dim ;29
To clasp him till I die.30