O love, to-day we found a way1
To be as happy as the hours :2
We climb’d the hill, to where the still3
Grey rocks smile with the flowers.4
The soft wind’s breath, the sea beneath,5
They made for us a pleasant sound :6
With love’s words low, made tenderer so,7
The happy hours were crown’d.8
Love is so strange, with wane and change,9
His mood is subtle as the air :10
Through long vague years of joy and tears11
You never looked so fair.12
I never knew your eyes more blue,13
Your voice flow with so sweet a tone.14
Full of my bliss, I know this is15
The happiest day we’ve known.16
To-morrow, then, we’ll find again17
Those rocks between the sea and sky !18
To-morrow will prove happier still !19
Nay, love, to-day, good-bye.20
We’ll let love rest thus at its best,21
We will not dare to tempt delight :22
I kiss your brow, and we’ll part now :23
Dear love, good-bye, good-night.24