A crowd of people gather along a path which is flanked with large leafless trees and covered in snow. Most figures walk in pairs under the tree canopy. There is a building in the distance at the end of the path. 1/2-page illustration.

Sun and Rain.

A young wife stood at the lattice-pane.1
In a study sad and “ brown,”2
Watching the dreary, ceaseless rain,3
Steadily pouring down4
Drip, drip, drip,5
It kept on its tireless play ;6
And the poor little woman sigh’d, “ Ah, me !7
What a wretched, weary day ! ”8
An eager hand at the door,9
A step as of one in haste,10
A kiss on her lips once more,11
And an arm around her waist :12
Throb, throb, throb,13
Went her little heart, grateful and gay,14
And she thought, with a smile, “ Well, after all,15
It isn’t so dull a day ! ”16
Forgot was the plashing rain,17
And the lowering skies above,18
For the sombre room was lighted again19
By the blessed sun o’ love :20
Love, love, love !”21
Ran the little wife’s murmur’d lay ;22
Without, it may threaten and frown if it will ;23
Within, what a golden day ! ”24