Poems whose dominant rhyme scheme is: abab-c-c

Total poems: 14
Poem title Poet(s) Date Periodical id #
A Dirge over Sir Daniel Donnelly Maginn, William 1820-05 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 8452
Song Burney, F. H. 1830 Forget-Me-Not 14483
The Tree of the Valley Swain, Charles 1840 Forget-Me-Not 15180
A Widow’s Wail Hogg, James 1840-10-17 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 5229
A Lay of London Streets Ollier, Edmund 1850-10-05 Household Words 1139
The Knight’s Grave Arnold, Edwin 1860-10-27 Once a Week 298
Fallen Emeritus 1860-12-15 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 6738
Sun and Rain 1870-01-08 Once a Week 13807
II.—A Gleaning Song Ingelow, Jean 1870-05-01 Good Words 12369
VIII.—Serenade Robertson, James Logie (pseudonym “Hugh Haliburton”) 1880-12 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 9281
In the Pine-Woods Mullins, Alice 1890 Woman’s World 1059
Sheaves of Gold Weatherly, Frederic Edward 1890-01 Atalanta 12812
“My Wife’s a Winsome Wee Thing” Mackay, Charles 1890-02 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 8388
If I Were King of Ireland Graves, Alfred Perceval 1900-08 The Cornhill Magazine 13850