If twelve nouns are considered to impose too long a task, six
may be used, as in the following specimen :—

Six Nouns.

Staircase, butt, terror, book, brightness, thief.
Hark ! across our neighbour’s staircase1
Creaking sounds our ears can trace2
Sounds at Number 8 surprise us—3
Number 8, in Norland-place.4
Now the restless noises changing5
Close in one prodigious shock ;6
Trembling doors, and shivering windows,7
Floors that groan, and walls that rock.8
Who has dropped a butt of porter ?9
What can solve so strange a case ?10
Think, O think, of all the damage—11
Damage done to Norland-place.12
Half in wonder, half in terror,13
Wakeful eyes for daylight wait ;14
Read their books, and eat their breakfasts—15
Look for news from Number 8.16
In the morning’s dawning brightness,17
Burden’d feelings find relief ;18
For it could not be a murder,19
And it might have been a thief !20
On the morrow called the lady—21
Kindly called, and coolly said,22
I suppose you heard Eliza—23
Heard her falling out of bed !”24
If you wish to understand it—25
Wish to comprehend the case26
Call on Miss Eliza Tomkins,27
Number 8, in Norland-place.28