Question—Do you ever think of me ?
I think of thee !  I think of thee !1
When day awakes my weary heart2
Again to know itself to be3
Doomed to live on from thine apart !4
And caring not for anything5
The world can give, if thee alone6
It still withhold !  Morn can but bring7
Sad thoughts !  And when the day has flown,8
I would not give a pin to be9
Asleep, except to dream of thee !10
I think of thee !  I think of thee !11
E’en in a Bank-bound omnibus.12
What are my dividends to me13
Unless they can be spent by us ?14
And when the people round me talk15
Of parties they are going to give,16
I leave them for my lonely walk,17
And think—What good is it to live ?18
And care not to go home to tea,19
Because it is not made by thee !20