“ Tell me not Now ”

Tell me not now, if love for love 1
Thou canst return,—2
Now while around us and above 3
Day’s flambeaux burn 4
Not in clear noon, with speech as clear,5
Thy heart avow,6
For every gossip wind to hear ;7
Tell me not now !8
Tell me not now the tidings sweet 9
The news divine ;10
A little longer at thy feet 11
Leave me to pine.12
I would not have the gadding bird 13
Hear from his bough ;14
Nay, though I famish for a word,15
Tell me not now!16
But when deep trances of delight 17
All Nature seal ;18
When round the world the arms of Night 19
Caressing steal ;20
When rose to dreaming rose says, “ Dear,21
Dearest ;” and when 22
Heaven sighs her secret in Earth’s ear,—23
Ah, tell me then !24