The Nineteenth Century (19thC) 1883

A prominent highbrow liberal monthly, and unillustrated, The Nineteenth Century (1877-1901) was founded and initially edited by James Knowles. In 1901 the title changed to The Nineteenth Century and After, and in 1951 to The Twentieth Century. DVPP indexes poems until the end of 1901.

Poems appearing in this periodical


Total poems: 3
Poem title Poet(s) Date Vol etc. Transcribed? id #
“Frater Ave atque Vale” Tennyson, Alfred 1883-03 The Nineteenth Century Volume 13, Issue 73, Page 357 yes 8064
The Land of Promise: A Fable Bulwer-Lytton, Robert (pseudonym “Owen Meredith”) 1883-04 The Nineteenth Century Volume 13, Issue 74, Page 545–553 no 8072
He Descended Into Hell; The Harrowing of Hell: (otherwise, the Besieging of Limbo by our Lord.) 1883-10 The Nineteenth Century Volume 14, Issue 80, Page 665–670 no 8107