A decorative double-ruled border surrounds the poem page. Decorations at each of the four corners give the border a twig-tied appearance. They feature crossed double-ruled bars tied together with string in an X-shaped knot.

Love’s Sunrise.

The lark leaves the earth1
With the dew on his breast,2
And my love’s at the birth,3
And my life’s at the best.4
What bliss shall I bid the beam bring thee5
To-day, love ?6
What care shall I bid the breeze fling thee7
Away, love ?8
What song shall I bid the bird sing thee,9
O say, love ?10
For the beam and the breeze11
And the birds—all of these12
(Because thou hast loved me) my bidding obey, love.13
Now the lark’s in the light,14
And the dew on the bough ;15
And my heart’s at the height16
Of the day that dawns now.17