The Sortie from Naumburg.

Translated from Uhland’s Ballad, “ The
Hussities Before Naumburg.

The Hussites came down on Naumburg,1
Jena way and by Kamburg ;2
On the Vogelwies with fear,3
We saw nought but sword and spear,4
Near a hundred thousand.5
And as they round poor Naumburg spread,6
Our women cried aloud for bread.7
Hunger pinched us and thirst too.8
For a pinch of coffee you9
Paid your sixteen pfennings.10
Just as want of all bereft us,11
And each hope had long since left us,12
The master of a little school13
Had a thought (he was no fool),14
Let’s try,” he said, “ the children.”15
Children,” said he, “ you are young,16
Pure, and sinless, free from wrong,17
You shall tothe Hussite camp.18
Bad they are, yet not one scamp19
Will dare lift a sabre.”20
Grimly all the Hussites smiled,21
Cherries gave to every child ;22
Then Procopius drew his sword.23
Face about,” he spread the word ;24
Right about from Naumburg.”25
That blessed day to celebrate,26
We still hold our yearly fête,27
And the cherries laughing bring28
To the tents where we all sing,29
Freedom and Victoria.”30