The Flight from Granada.

There was crying in Granada when the sun was going down,1
Some calling on the Trinity, some calling on Mahoun ;2
Here passed away the Koran, there in the Cross was borne,3
And here was heard the Christidan bell, and there the Moorish horn ;4
Te Deum Laudamus was up the Alcala sung ;5
Down from th’ Alhamra’s minarets were all the crescents flung ;6
The arms thereon of Arragon and Castille they display ;7
One king comes in in triumph, one weeping goes away.8
Thus cried the weeper while his hands his old white beard did tear,9
Farewell, farewell, Granada, thou city without peer ;10
Wo, wo, thou pride of Heathendom, seven hundred years and more11
Have gone since first the faithful thy royal sceptre bore.12
Thou wert the happy mother of an high renowned race ;13
Within thee dwelt a noble line that now go from their place ;14
Within thee fearless knights did dwell who fought with meikle glee15
The enemies of proud Castille, the bane of Christientée.16
The mother of fair dames wert thou of truth and beauty rare,17
Into whose arms did noble knights for solace sweet repair18
For whose dear sakes the gallants of Afric made display19
Of might in joust and battle on many a bloody day :20
Here gallants held it little thing for ladies’ sake to die,21
Or for the Prophet’s honour—and pride of Soldanry.22
In thee did vila flourish, and deeds of warlike might23
Ennobled lordly palaces, in which we had delight.24
The gardens of thy Vega, its fields and blooming bowers25
Wo, wo, I see their beauty gone, and scattered all their flowers.—26
No reverence can he claim the king that such a land hath lost,27
On charger never can he ride, nor be heard among the host28
But in some dark and dismal place where none his face may see,29
There, weeping and lamenting, alone that king should be.—30
Thus spake Granada’s king as he was riding to the sea,31
About to cross Gibraltar’s strait away to Barbary32
Thus he in heaviness of soul unto his queen did cry33
(He had stopped and ta’en her in his arms, for together did they fly,34
Filling with groans and piercing shrieks the black and trembling sky)—35
Unhappy king ! whose craven soul can brook (did she reply),36
To leave behind Granada, and hast not heart to die,37
Now for the love I bore thy youth thee gladly could I slay,38
For what is life to leave when such a crown is cast away !39