Holy Jamie.

Come, holy Jamie, come, with all thy store1
Of canting phrase and hypocritic lore !2
Thy voice in favour of thyself be raised,3
The saint, the father, and the man be praised.4
Thou canst not covet, till the psalm be sung ;5
Thou canst not jest, the Scripture on thy tongue ;6
Thou canst not meditate, in fervent prayer,7
To cheat the needy of his scanty fare !8
Yes ! thou mayst slyly covet, scheme, and cheat,9
Each impious jest and slanderous tale repeat.10
Thy fate is fixed, thy destiny secure,11
For to the pure in heart, all things are pure !”12
And lives there ’neath a garb of heavenly show,13
One reptile hypocrite of earth below,14
Who dare betray his master’s sacred name,15
And bring e’en holiness itself to shame !16
The Infidel, the veriest Debauchee,17
Stands higher in the scale of “ Man” than he !18