Angel Help.

This rare tablet doth include1
Poverty with sanctitude.2
Past midnight this poor maid hath spun,3
And yet the work is not half done,4
Which must supply from earnings scant5
A feeble bed-rid parent’s want.6
Her sleep-charged eyes exemption ask,7
And holy hands take up the task ;8
Unseen the rock and spindle ply,9
And do her earthly drudgery.10
Sleep, saintly poor one, sleep, sleep on ;11
And, waking, find thy labours done.12
Perchance she knows it by her dreams ;13
Her eye hath caught the golden gleams,14
Angelic presence testifying,15
That round her every where are flying ;16
Ostents from which she may presume,17
That much of Heaven is in the room.18
Skirting her own bright hair they run,19
And to the sunny add more sun :20
Now on that aged face they fix,21
Streaming from the crucifix ;22
The flesh-clogg’d spirit disabusing,23
Death-disarming sleeps infusing,24
Prelibations, foretastes high,25
And equal thoughts to live or die.26
Gardener bright from Eden’s bower,27
Tend with care that lily flower ;28
To its leaves and root infuse29
Heaven’s sunshine, Heaven’s dews,30
’Tis a type, and ’tis a pledge,31
Of a crowning privilege.32
Careful as that lily flower,33
This maid must keep her precious dower ;34
Live a sainted maid, or die35
Martyr to virginity.”36