To the Round-Leaved Sundew.

By the lone fountain’s secret bed,1
Where human footsteps rarely tread,2
’Mid the wild moor or silent glen,3
The Sundew blooms unseen by men ;4
Spreads there her leaf of rosy hue,5
A chalice for the morning dew,6
And, ere the summer’s sun can rise,7
Drinks the pure waters of the skies.8
Wouldst thou that thy lot were given9
Thus to receive the dews of heaven,10
With heart prepared, like this meek flower ?11
Come, then, and hail the dawning hour ;12
So shall a blessing from on high,13
Pure as the rain of summer’s sky,14
Unsullied as the morning dew15
Descend, and all thy soul imbue.16
Yes ! like the blossoms of the waste,17
Would we the sky-born waters taste,18
To the High Fountain’s sacred spring,19
The chalice let us humbly bring :20
So shall we find the streams of heaven21
To him who seeks are freely given ;22
The morning and the evening dew23
Shall still our failing strength renew.”24