Two Liberty Songs Now Singing.*

I. The Swallow’s Return.

(Ritorno della Rondinella.)

Gentle wanderer, Rondinella,1
Flitting round on rapid wing,2
What good tidings, say, this morning3
To my casement dost thou bring ?4
Tell, oh, tell me in thy language ;5
I am listening, Rondinella.6
Sawst thou not at Solferino7
How the Princes of Lorraine8
Cried aloud, as they were flying9
Ne’er to see our land again :10
We shall hear no more the language11
That thou speakest, Rondinella.’12
Hast thou seen the gallant Zouave,13
With his weapon gleaming bright,14
Fighting gladly, fighting gaily15
For the triumph of the right,16
In the suffering land, whose language17
Is most gentle, Rondinella ?18
Hast thou seen our sons in battle,19
With the fearful bayonet,20
Rushing on a race accursed,†21
As in deadly shock they met,22
And who did not speak the language23
Of Italia, Rondinella ?24
Thou who floatest as thou willest25
Over hill and over plain,26
Hast thou heard Italia’s children27
For Italia’s freedom slain,28

* The originals of these songs are now being sung in Central
Italy by masses, in unison with the military bands.
† Razza maladetta.
Shout, when dying, in their language,29
Live, Italia! Rondinella ?30
When to other lands thou goest,31
Tell the tale of all the woe,32
The long-suffering, and the anguish33
Those we love have known, and know,34
In thy most pathetic language,35
O, Italian Rondinella !36
In thy sweet and gentle warbling,37
Tell the nations far and wide38
That the people of Italia39
None shall ever more divide ;40
She has sworn, in her own language,41
To be one, O Rondinella.42
Lo ! a cross, unfurled in spring-time,43
Shall be the signal of our joy,44
Shall flame upon Italia’s banner—45
It is the Red Cross of Savoy,46
Who has promised, in her language,47
Liberty ! O Rondinella.*48

* The above lines have been adopted by the Italians to the
political sentiments of the day, from some verses of Manzoni, of
a different tendency.