The Changing Skies.

A Sonnet.

Form follows cloudy form across the sky :1
In crystal seas float islands of delight ;2
Grand turrets seem to guard yon mountain’s height ;3
Lo ! there the folded flocks of evening lie ;4
Here rosy billows heave, and, breaking, sigh ;5
Archangels meet, and clash their sabres bright ;6
See ! scarlet squadrons marshal in the night ;7
Pale wanderers’ lamps the midnight glorify.8
In my life’s sky dream follows dream of thee :9
The wild majestic pageant passes on10
Abodes, defences, warriors, herds, fair seas.11
Moods come and go : shape thou my destiny,12
Thou who remain’st when all the dreams are gone13
My home, my strength, my glory, and my peace !14