How hushed the world is : how the sea-like sound1
Of multitudinous streets, that shriek and swell2
With life, is mufiled, save for some lone bell3
Making the sunless silence more profound.4
The awful whiteness, spread along the ground,5
Of the inviolate snow, seems to compel6
The flames of fire to flash with visible7
Increase of radiance, by drear norlight bound.8
Thou, too, O heart, sore beat by roar and flow9
Of heavy-weltering, clamorous-tongued desires,10
Liest hush’d, as yon shrill streets smooth’d by the snow,11
Each louder wish ’neath fresh-fallen peace expires ;12
Yet all the intenser throb thought’s quenchless fires,13
Wan Memory rims with tears and years of woe.14