A young man lies face down in the grass and rests his face in both his hands. He appears to be crying. His hat lies in the grass beside him. There are trees, bushes, and a small stream in the background. Full-page illustration contained within a single-ruled border.

“The Mist and the Rain.”*

The mist and the rain, the mist and the rain !1
Is it ay or no ?2
And ne - - ver a glimpse of her win - - - - dow - - - pane !3
And I may die, but the grass will grow,4

* “The Window ; or, the Songs of the Wrens,” Twelve Musical Compositions by Mr. Arthur Sullivan to words written for
him by Mr. Tennyson, is just published by Strahan & Co.
And the grass will grow . . . when I am gone,5
And the wet west wind and the world will go on.6
Ay is the song of the wed - ded spheres,7
No is trou-ble, and cloud, and storm ;8
Ay is life for a hun-dred years,9
No will push me down to the worm,10
And when I am there, and dead and gone,11
The wet west wind and the world will go on, The world will go on.12
The wind and the wet, The wind and the wet !13
Wet west wind, how you blow, you blow !14
And ne - - ver a line from my la - - - - - dy yet!15
Is it ay or no? Is it ay or no? . . . . . . . . 16
Blow then blow . . and When I am gone,17
The wet west wind . . . and the world may go on . . . . . . . . . .18