I.—Morning Song.

The little birds waken1
The drowsy flowers ;2
From bright cups are shaken3
The dew in showers ;4
The daisy is winking5
Its bright little eye ;6
The lily is thinking,7
How sleepy am I !8
From his eastern portal9
Is climbing the sun,10
To gladden each mortal11
Till work shall be done.12
In his southern mansion13
At noon he takes rest,14
Then, with bright expansion,15
Slow sinks in the west.16
The bees are high busy,17
They soar round the tip18
Of flowers till they’re dizzy,19
And then pause and sip.20
The butterflies hover21
In indolent joy,22
Why should they discover23
A better employ ?24
The fledgling is trying25
His wings near the nest ;26
The swallow is flying,27
No creature takes rest ;28
Then let us be doing29
The best that we may,30
The bright hours are going31
Of work and of play.32