The Revenge of Æsop.

Imitated from Phædrus.

A blockhead once a stone at Æsop threw :1
A better marksman, friend, I never knew,’2
Exclaimed the wit, and gaily rubbed his leg ;3
A hand so dexterous neer will come to beg.4
Excuse these pence ; how poor I am, you know !5
If I give these, what would the rich bestow ?6
Look, look ! that well-drest gentleman you see ;7
Quick, prove on him the skill misspent on me !8
Here, take the stone. Be cool—a steadfast eye9
And make your fortune with one lucky shy.’10
The blockhead took the counsel of the wit ;11
He poised the pebble, and his mark he hit.12
Arrest the traitor !  He has struck the king !’13
And Æsop, smiling, saw the ruffian swing.14