Digital Victorian Periodical Poetry explores the poetry most read in the long Victorian period: poems published in periodicals, magazines, and newspapers.
DVPP offers three inter-related projects: a digital index of all periodical poems and poetry translations in English across full runs of 21 periodicals, magazines, and newspapers; a digital edition of representative periodical poetry, encoded for poetic and material features; a personography based on poets, translators, and illustrators.
We give a variety of ways to access the material: search pages, a facsimile viewer to browse poem images, indices of transcribed poems and of all poems in the corpus, and hyper links between material allowing for easy cross-referencing throughout the site.
Some elements of the project are not yet finished. A portion of the metadata in the digital index is unproofed, attributions are not yet complete, and two periodical volumes are remain to be indexed (The Century Guild Hobby Horse prospectus [April 1884] and Atalanta vol. 11 [October 1887-September 1898]). The digital edition is largely proofed but not yet published, and the final encoding passes will be complete in the next year (for example genre, stanzaic scheme, subject). The person records are not all complete and proofed. We anticipate publishing our first edition by March 2023.
DVPP is generously funded by a SSHRC Insight Grant (2018-2023). We acknowledge the invaluable support of the University of Victoria’s Special Collections and Archives, the Offices of the Provost and the Vice President Academic, the Faculty of Humanities, and the Department of English.​
To learn more about Digital Victorian Periodical Poetry, contact the PI, Dr. Alison Chapman. [].
How to cite this project: Alison Chapman (ed.) and the DVPP team, Digital Victorian Periodical Poetry Project, beta, University of Victoria, [date from page footer], [URL].