Category: Reading

Reading. Does not include books in illustrations that are not actively being read.

Poems assigned to this category

Total poems: 62
Poem title Poet(s) Date Periodical id #
June 1823 Forget-Me-Not 15881
Evening Prayer at a Girls’ School Hemans, Felicia 1826 Forget-Me-Not 13924
Music’s Mishap 1828 The Keepsake 2875
The Garden of Boccacio Coleridge, Samuel Taylor 1829 The Keepsake 3054
The Proposal Wilson, Margaret (née Harries) (Mrs. Cornwell Baron Wilson) 1829 Forget-Me-Not 15572
The Repentance of Ninevah Bernal, Ralph (1783-1854) 1832 The Keepsake 3569
Lord Surrey and the Fair Geraldine Fitzgerald, Edward 1835 The Keepsake 3867
Alice Lee Landon, Letitia Elizabeth (pseudonym L. E. L.) 1839 Forget-Me-Not 15357
Florine Farrer, A. 1840 The Keepsake 4788
The Double Lesson Blanchard, Samuel Laman 1842 Forget-Me-Not 15440
View on the Hudson Simmons, Bartholomew 1842 The Keepsake 4887
The Lord of Riccia’s Heir Gardiner, Marguerite 1843 The Keepsake 4970
Once a Week Brooks, Shirley 1859-07-02 Once a Week 195
Black Monday Fonblanque, Albany Jr. 1859-10-29 Once a Week 230
“Six of One and Half-a Dozen of the Other” Roy, J. 1859-11-06 Once a Week 233
The Toad Hugo, Victor 1861-01 Good Words 369
Confessions of St. Valentine Rogers, Mary Eliza 1861-02-16 Once a Week 432
Crowned Heads Teulon, Harriet Mary 1861-05 Good Words 379
The Blind School Greenwell, Dora 1861-09 Good Words 387
“Experientia Docet” Brett, Cecil Winton 1862-03-22 Once a Week 889
The Sabbath Day 1862-07 Good Words 410
The Mistake of the Loves Bennett, William Cox 1862-10-04 Once a Week 921
Cousin Winnie Massey, Gerald 1863-04 Good Words 1576
Summer Snow Greenwell, Dora 1863-05 Good Words 1581
Rhoda; Or, the Whistle. Inscribed to the Hon. Lord Ardmillan Smith, Walter Chalmers 1863-07 Good Words 1586
A Missionary Cheer Massey, Gerald 1863-08 Good Words 12354
My Home Broderick, Albert 1863-08-29 Once a Week 511
A Modern Idyll W. G. (poet; Once a Week), Green, W. 1863-09-12 Once a Week 514
The Player and the Listeners W. B. R. (poet; Good Words), Carpenter, William Boyd 1864 Good Words 1605
“Blessed to Give” Wilson, F. E. 1864 Good Words 1620
July Goddard, Julia 1866-07-07 Once a Week 13494
Alice Blagden, Isa 1866-11-17 Once a Week 13480
The Old Astronomer Williams, Sarah 1867-01-01 Good Words 1820
“Sweet Home” Cook, Eliza 1867-01-12 Once a Week 12078
Making Poetry Havergal, Francis Ridley 1867-04-01 Good Words 1859
The Highland Student Shairp, John Campbell 1867-10-01 Good Words 1874
Discipleship MacDonald, George 1868-02-01 Good Words 1894
A Gentlewoman of the Old School Dobson, Austin 1871 Good Words 2137
Dorothy U. L. T. (poet; Good Words) 1871 Good Words 2132
An Invitation Besemeres, Jane (pseudonym Janet Byrne) 1874 Good Words 2511
The Deaf Musician Fyvie Mayo, Isabella 1875 Good Words 2568
Hope Deferred Simpson, Jane Cross 1876 Good Words 2606
The Sunset’s Gate J. C. A. (poet; Good Words) 1881 Good Words 3896
Jubilee Smith, Walter Chalmers 1887 Good Words 5438
Lines Written on the Walls of Harlech Castle Horne, Herbert P. 1887-04 The Century Guild Hobby Horse 8805
Atalanta Arnold, Edwin 1887-10 Atalanta 1641
The Wise Men of Gotham Power, Harriet 1887-11 Atalanta 1685
A Letter to the Rats Fogg, L. M. 1888-06 Atalanta 1779
The Squirrel and the Bluebottle Fly Strachey, Jane Maria 1888-09 Atalanta 1825
The Cricket Fiddler. A Recitation for Young Violinists. The music to be played, as arranged, after each verse Bates, Clara Doty 1889-02 Atalanta 1845
The Friar of Orders Gray Percy, Thomas 1890-06 Atalanta 2036
The Secret of the Nightingale Noel, Roden 1890-06 Atalanta 2035
For September, 1890 Amy R. (pseudonym) 1890-10 Atalanta 2050
For The Master Bain, Charlotte 1891-12 Atalanta 2165
The Ballad of Lord Langshaw Buchanan, Robert Williams 1892-10 Atalanta 2223
Youth Will Neads Have Dalliance, attributed to King Henry VIII King Henry VIII 1892-10 Atalanta 2227
O gin My Love were yon Red Rose Burns, Robert 1892-11 Victorian Magazine 1546
The Owl-d Homestead Macleod, Mary 1892-12 Atalanta 2247
Light at Eventide Reid, John 1893 Good Words 5030
A Girton Girl Paton, Joseph Noël 1893-04 Atalanta 2261
The King’s Quair. Cantus King James I of Scotland 1893-10 Atalanta 2280
Remember! From the French of Alfred de Musset de Musset, Alfred 1895-03 Atalanta 2330