Let others talk of Elcho,1
Of brave Lieutenant Hay,2
Of Donald Horne, our Cornet,3
Or our Staff-Sergeant gay :4
Much as I love these heroes,5
Their fame a speck appears6
To the row, row, row, row, row,7
Of Aitcheson’s Car’bineers,8
Our troop contains some spoonies,9
That shame their bonny nags,10
And bump upon their saddles11
Like to a miller’s bags ; 12
But these, our pride and glory,13
Sit firm upon their rears,14
’Mid the row, row, row, row, row,15
Of Aitcheson’s Car’bineers,16
Sir John himself doth wonder17
When they recover ranks,18
They come like claps of thunder,19
Descending on our flanks ;20
In fact, they’re more like Centaurs21
Than common cavaliers22
O the row, row, row, row, row,23
Of Aitcheson’s Car’bineers !24
Some people in the charging 25
Are shy about the squeeze ; 26
But these dress by their Sergeant, 27
And never mind their knees. 28
And from the carriage-windows 29
Look out the pretty dears, 30
For the row, row, row, row, row,31
Of Aitcheson’s Car’bineers,32
They show their taste, I reckon— 33
For slapping blades they be34
And I’ll lay gold upon it, 35
Take captive many a she. 36
Edina’s lovely goddesses 37
May well desert their spheres, 38
To pull caps for the bear skins 39
Of Aitcheson’s Car’bineers.40
Then sure to Sergeant Aitcheson 41
A bumper now is due ; 42
He drill’d our noble skirmishers, 43
He brought their worth to view. 44
May we all ride together 45
For many happy years, 46
To the row, row, row, row, row,47
Of Aitcheson’s Car’bineers !”48