Gentlemen—to your feet. Let us sing, God save the King !  A full cho-
rus !


Jehovah, King of Kings, 1
Spread thy protecting wings2
O’er Britain’s throne ! 3
Crown’d with thy grace immense, 4
Long may King William thence5
Justice in love dispense6
God save the King !7


Throned in his people’s hearts, 8
Despising faction’s arts, 9
May William reign! 10
True son of George the Third11
Who axe and block preferr’d12
To forfeit of his holy word13
God save the King !14


First Freeman of the Free, 15
It is his right to be16
Like his blest sire, 17
Who over all the land18
Did faith and love command, 19
With him to fall or stand20
God save the King !21


Oak-hearted royal Tar, 22
Well tried in glorious war, 23
Great Nelson’s friend— 24
He knows that British blood25
Creeps not in lazy flood, 26
When peril girds the good27
God save the King !28


God save our Sailor King29
Great be his flourishing30
By land and sea— 31
Audacious craft recede! 32
From all base thraldom freed33
May he be King indeed34
God save the King !35


Manly, and frank, and brave, 36
This sinking land to save, 37
God save our King ! 38
Be righteous judgment shewn39
In sinners overthrown ; 40
Emancipate the Throne41
God save the King ! 42
[The Noctes vanish in a flood of day .